Integrated Solutions

Innovative and differentiated solutions combining GEOSYS platforms and customer expertise

GEOSYS Integrated Solutions give you a decisive competitive advantage by creating dedicated, exclusive tools perfectly adapted to suit your business. Our experts help you combine market and agronomic know-how with the most advanced use of geographic technologies for agriculture: satellite imagery and weather data.

Offering a clearly differentiated product is the key to success in your market. GEOSYS will work with you to create data and modelling products that are efficient and valuable for your end user. With more than 25 years of experience in business, agriculture and technology, we have proven ways to save you money, improve business process efficiency or create new revenue models — from the research and development phase through testing, proof-of-concept and launch.  

Dedicated Teams
  • Work with experienced experts to consult and design solutions
  • Leverage geospatial data processing expertise
  • Leverage our scalable IT team to ramp up quickly for implementation
  • Secure the rollout and global service delivery thanks to our operations teams present in all main agriculture areas
Global Solutions
  • Partner with the only truly international company in the field — GEOSYS
  • Scale your project up or down — from the field level to the global level
  • Create multilingual, multi-unit solutions  


Proven Platforms, Latest Technology
  • Profit from robust and proven technologies by including existing GEOSYS components and platforms
  • Seamlessly integrate the latest GIS industry technologies specifically built for managing agriculture-related data
  • Interface with the major enterprise resource planning (ERP) and corporate systems of leading companies
  • Build customer interfaces and controls that will drive easy adoption
  • Trust professional IS service companies with 24/7 support and full disaster recovery plans
  • Go to market fast, thanks to GEOSYS’s framework of existing agriculture specific components

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We combine global data with local insights. Contact our experts in your region to learn more.

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