Data Sourcing

The world’s largest collection of weather data and satellite images 

GEOSYS Data Sourcing is your one-stop source for the highest quality and widest range of satellite data available. We help you determine your needs and give you access to a worldwide satellite and geodata gallery. Whether you need raw satellite data, optical and radar imagery, digital elevation models or value-added processing, including intercalibration, orthorectification and cloud masking, we can give you what you need to meet your business goals and create custom solutions that save both your time and your money 

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Fast, Personal, Expert Service
  • Get faster access through our support team than by going direct to each provider
  • Consult our expert team for assistance clarifying goals and integrating data into your systems
  • Get imagery that has been adapted and prepared specifically for your needs
  • Enjoy personal follow-up on complex orders
  • Rely on GEOSYS’s 25 years of experience in consulting and support in sectors including:
    • Agriculture & Forest
    • Environment, Natural Disasters, Change Detection
    • Energy, Mining, Oil & Gas
    • Telecommunication, Radioplanning
Flexible, Advanced Technology
  • Get the highest possible quality and diversity of satellite imagery, both optical and radar
  • Go beyond raw satellite imagery with land-use maps, digital elevation models, monitoring tools and other valuable overlays
  • Access information via FTP or API
  • Sort information on a per-field basis to adapt to the individual needs of your users   
High Added Value
  • Access our worldwide panel of raw data from about 15 international satellite data providers
  • Take advantage of in-house technical services for data processing and imagery corrections
  • Add value for your customers with unique and targeted products
Powerful Partnerships

GEOSYS works with the following partners to get exclusive access to new satellite imagery technology:

  • Blackbridge
  • European Space Imaging
  • DigitalGlobe
  • Deimos Elecnor
  • Intermap Technologies
  • Airbus Defence and Space
  • SI Imaging Services
  • Restec/ NTT Data
  • Vito 

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We combine global data with local insights. Contact our experts in your region to learn more.

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