Croptical™ Monitoring Application
Fast access to the most complete and accurate field data

Croptical™ monitoring application provides fast access to the most comprehensive, insightful and accurate digital farming solutions. With daily update of satellite images on every field throughout the season, you can monitor performance, target your scouting efforts and identify opportunities to protect and maximize yield potential.
Your easiest entry point to precision agriculture, Croptical™ monitoring application reveals hidden opportunities aimed to give you a competitive advantage.
Fresh Insights with Daily Update
  • Using daily satellite imagery updates, monitor day-to-day performance of all your growers’ fields
  • Track field level weather with season-to-date and 10 days forecast
  • Compare with past years crop performance and growing conditions
Smarter Scouting and Optimized Visits
  • Clear interface identifying fields performing above or below average, allowing you to efficiently prioritize tasks
  • Send scouts exactly where you need them, when you need them
  • Take bias out of the equation: fields are benchmarked using only objective data
Field Variability: High Resolution Maps
  • Zoom in on fields to identify possible anomaly areas
  • Fresh images on your fields throughout the growing season
  • Use only 100 percent cloud-free images
Historical Field-Level Vegetation Data
  • Use historical data to compare every field’s performance to previous years
  • Track crop health from previous years and compare to actual yields
  • Better understand past productivity for land under new management
Targeted Weather Forecasts and Growing Conditions
  • Access daily weather data for your region, both historical and forecast
  • Anticipate rain events and monitor growing degrees using state-of-the-art weather forecast models
  • Compare current weather patterns to past seasons and to historical average (30-year history)

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